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ADO.NET Entity Provider for Teradata
.NET Data Provider for Teradata > Developer's Guide > ADO.NET Entity Provider for Teradata
.NET CORE   This feature is not supported by the .NET Core implementation of the Data Provider.

The following table provides an overview of the Entity Provider for Teradata Features

Features Description
Overview of the Entity Provider The Entity Provider for Teradata enables an application to use the Entity Framework and access a Teradata Database. The Entity Provider supports the Entity Framework 3.5 and Teradata Database 12.0 and later.
Teradata Implementation Specifics Discusses the behavior of the Entity Provider when Query and Updating an Entity Data Model.
Restrictions using the Entity Framework with Teradata Discusses the Restrictions when an application uses the Entity Framework to access a Teradata Database.
Entity Provider Store Schema Information Discusses store schemas that can be used by an application. Store Schemas that are supported by the Entity Provider are also listed.